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Jurassic Park IV has been in production since the release of Jurassic Park 3 in 2001. However, to this day the movie has not been made. It has been stuck in development hell, and it entered this stage in 2004 when the script draft was reviewed by the website Ain't It Cool News and received a bad review and a huge fan backlash.

Since then the production of the movie has been uncertain, with producers saying it'll happen "next year" or "by 2008" and then saying it's on hold for the time being.

Currently, director of Jurassic Park 3 Joe Johnston has stated multiple times that the movie is still happening and that they have a new idea that would take the franchise off in a new direction, creating a "new trilogy" for Jurassic Park. He has said that once he has finished Captain America, he hopes to get together with Steven Spielberg and develop Jurassic Park IV.

In the coming year I will be making a full timeline to show the rollercoaster ride that the movie has taken over the past 9 years.



"Dinosaurs With Guns"
Written by William Monahan and John Sayles

This idea was very well written. It was reviewed on Ain't It Cool News back in 2004 which included an in depth look at the proposed story for Jurassic Park IV. It had a majority of things that would make the fans happy, seeing Isla Nublar after all this time, having another company breeding their own dinosaurs, new characters and of course the mainland. However, while these little things were what we wanted, the main story was something that would have ruined the franchise. Genetically mutated di-hu-ogs. Dinosaur-Human-Dog. DNA from all 3 were mixed together to create mercenary dinosaurs and our main character Nick Harris was in charge of training them.

I am not too sure how far into production this script got, but I know that around this time a few freelancers were working for Hasbro to design concept art for the Jurassic Park IV toyline. Carlos Huante is the artist who designed concepts for Amblin Entertainment. I've been in contact with Carlos, and he tells me that as soon as the heads at Amblin saw the artwork, they shut down the project almost instantly.

There have been debates for years after the script review as to whether or not this idea is still being used and in a recent interview with Joe Johnston, he states that the idea was scrapped and they've moved on.

"Unknown Laura Dern"
Written by unknown (possibly John Sayles?)

We have very little information on this script, only that it was the next script written after the above one. This is the script that producer Frank Marshall was happy with in 2006/2007 where he said multiple times that the movie will be filming in 2007 and released in 2008. Clearly, this didn't happen and I have no idea why. Laura Dern, who played Ellie Sattler in Jurassic Park, said a few times that Spielberg had phoned her up about this script and wanted to get the movie together but this also didn't happen.

"New Trilogy"
Written by unknown

This is the idea that they are running with now. It takes place on the mainland and has all new characters. Nothing more is known about this script other than the fact that it will take the franchise off in a new direction.



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